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In this tutorial will show you how to create an impressive manipulation in Photoshop using only 2 images. You can do this in any Photoshop version and you don’t need advanced Photoshop skills.

Download the free PSD file here:…

In this quick tutorial I will show you which are my top 5 adjustments in Photoshop to enhance any image. It’s a basic/intermediate tutorial and the tips and tricks I will show you on this video can be applied on any Photoshop version and many of them also in Lightroom.

Learn Photoshop from the very beginning with this youtube playlist:…
This list contains 33 videos made by myself starting with the interface and the tools, to basic editing and manipulations.

How you enjoy it. Subscribe to my channel for regular tutorials for free

Thanks a lot for everybody that contributes to this group.

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For those who don't already know, PSD Box has an official Instagram account. If you want your designs to be featured on our instagram use the hashtag #psdbox.

Also you can follow us here:…

Also from time to time I manually feature some of the designs that are being submitted here on this deviantart group. Thanks to all of the members and followers who are being part of the group.

Soon I'll create a contest to change the group's avatar with some nice prizes :)

Stay tuned

Andrei Oprinca